(No) Monday Blues

I like Mondays.


In my previous, previous life when I worked all weekend long, Mondays were my days off.


In my last paying job as an employee to an arts institution, Mondays were my busiest days.  I taught classes, ran rehearsals, attended meetings, home-schooled my daughter, fed my family, walked the dogs.  Multi-tasking and not ceasing for lunch, I gave Mondays my all.  Mondays in turn, fuelled me with the sort of optimistic energy needed to conquer, the other days of the week.

I don’t quite get the Monday Blues.  Monday is when I feel queenly.  Invincible.


Back in the City that Never Sleeps, with Dr Chan on a Monday, layers of London-Singapore Tammy-Mrs Chan slough off.  An almost outer bodily experience was had when he decided, Lets get a cab.  The New Yorker from last century emerged, dashed onto Broadway and flagged a cab instantly.


Blue Note?  The taxi driver wondered.  Do you have the exact address?

It’sonWest3rd,intheVillage,between6thAveandWashingtonSquareParkWest- rapid speech, never ever used in London where vowels and consonants demand time in articulation, or else who would understand what on earth one is trying to say?


As legendary jazz musicians Joyce Moreno and Kenny Werner crooned-

“… And I think about the things I lost

the things I gave away…

Throw it away

Throw it away

Give your love, live your life

Each and every day…

And keep your hand wide open

Let the sun shine through

‘Cause you can never lose a thing

If it belongs to you…”

I had an epiphany at Blue Note.


Baby?  I said.  I am unedited here.

  •  Blue Note Jazz Club, 131 W 3rd Street, New York City
  • Blouse credit-  Devon London at Concept Store Y, 57A Brewer Street, London
  • Necklace credit-  Zen @ Makers & Friends, 126 Upper Street, London
  • (Everything else worn belongs to me.)



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