Soho Sunday

What a special treat for me to spend Sunday in Soho with Dr Chan.


We got lucky at Koya- a cosy, unfussy, authentic udon restaurant, with additional dishes served.


My agedashi tofu was the most delicious tofu attempt I’ve eaten in a while.  But beyond the food and homey decor, I’m enjoying his company.


I’m good with solitude and being alone.  But when we are together, he provides context.  I don’t have to explain who I am, what I do, where I come from.  Strolling through Soho with him, I feel my whole being, beam.



At Cutter & Squidge, we packed a box of their infamous biskies for tea.


Then we stopped by Concept Store Y to sort out clothing for an upcoming trip.  The reality of being self-employed in creative work is, the work doesn’t quite stop, even if it’s a Sunday.


Wearing Devon London resort 2016, and thinking along the theme/concept of flower power for costuming this week in New York.


Fortunately, Dr Chan has incredible patience and understanding when it comes to the whims and needs of this artist.



I’m not sure if absence makes the heart grow fonder.  What a long-distance, 20- year old marriage has taught me though, is that time, is a gift.


It takes time to get to know the man you marry.  It takes time to grow a marriage, build careers, a family.  I don’t want to waste time focusing on the petty.  I want to relish the time God gives me, with you.


  •  Koya, 50 Frith Street
  • Cutter & Squidge, 20 Brewer Street
  • Concept Store Y, 57A Brewer Street



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