Breathless Mrs Chan

Mrs Chan.


I don’t see her much in London.  In Singapore, she grocery shops in heels, hardly washes her own hair. For a while, she was utterly spoilt with never ever having to take, public transportation.


Waiting at immigration… He texted.

I better go brush my teeth and look presentable, I told Trace, getting off my phone.


It’s hard work looking presentable.  Rollers for volume placed strategically there, and then a hot curling iron help tremendously.


Are you going some place special tonight?  The hair stylist asked.

Nope.  I’m cooking dinner.


With hair like that?


Absolutely.  Dr Chan’s in town.


He’s brought me steroids in case I have a bad attack like the other night, when I woke up stumbling in the darkness, looking for my inhaler.

This is new.  I’m supposed to inhale once a day for the coming month.


When I can’t breathe, it feels as if someone has placed a plastic bag over my head… I described.

Living in a 1st world country, asthma can and must be better managed with the help of 1st world medicine, He said gravely.

On a different subject matter, he said- You’re a good mommy.  Thank you.


Oh, Dr Chan.  You take my breath away.

  • Zen (Hapiness Wherever) made the pink necklace which I purchased at Makers & Friends, 126 Upper Street.  Please note that Makers & Friends is a pop-up store and there’s 8 more days left to visit the shop in Angel, before it pops up at a different location.


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