April 13

Facebook reminded me that today is April 13.  It also reminded me that on April 13 2015, I was busy like this:


10 weeks post broken-arm-destroyed-elbow surgery, 2 weeks to the IB exams, deciphering Robert Shaw.


Today we had abundant sunshine and the temperature rose as high as 13 degrees.  Out on horseback, many of us removed our jackets, grateful for blue skies and warmth.


It’s been an emotional Easter.  No wonder I’ve been obsessed with re-decorating and moving things about.


It was also around this time last year, that we honoured our grandmother’s wish to be reunited with her husband, at sea.  I now realise that Spring henceforth will be a season of loss for me, a quiet time for prayer, and a deep yearning for simplicity.



“…as the wheel straightens, nothing but empty road.  Ahead of you…exits follow exits you will pass and never take…  Fortunately you carry along with you that higher-power reflective instrument that you can use, no matter how far down the road you’ve gone to bring them back in view as large as life, putting yourself in the picture too…”  –  Robert Shaw

photo-1 photo credit, Cousin B.

  •  Dress by Devon London, Concept Store Y, 57A Brewer Street
  • Necklace by Zen (Hapiness Wherever), Makers & Friends, 126 Upper Street

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