Spring in Soho

Yifeng of Concept Store Y, is another wonderful person I have met through my blog.


His store on Brewer’s Street in Soho, is like a pint-sized Aladdin’s Cave.


Today, he received quite a fair amount of the new Spring collection from the designers he curates.  He then kindly invited me to stop by and select a few pieces.


It’s really interesting to see how emerging designers interpret a new season, the direction they take to hone individual craft/voice, while still keeping in mind, market trends and habits.

Ukulele, a London-based brand I was introduced to via Concept Y Store last year, went straight for the jugular.




Since Self-Portrait entered our consciousness, every other designer seems to now be furtively churning out some variation of lace.  Ukulele has kept true to her aesthetic- a silhouette hinting at the 60s, reworked in fabric for the 21st century.

If I were to re-express a romantic ballet like Giselle today, this is how I would costume the dancers.



There are new accessories being sold as well.


Laura, one of Yifeng’s colleagues, pointed out the i-phone cases above, as well as whimsical jewellery placed by the window.

IMG_8794 IMG_8795

Matteo showed me some contemporary-looking shirts for men, from a line called, Tobias Clothing.


Something on the sale rack that caught my eye, was this graphic DB Berdan dress.


It’s a piece that can travel effortlessly through seasons.  On my frame, it would need to be shortened for better balance.



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