Green Fingers (…)

Two of my best friends have green fingers.  In Singapore, Trace can touch anything and voila, flowers bloom no matter how hot and depressing the weather.  In London, Zen’s plants perching on a window ledge not only flower, they even bear fruit!

Fuelled by the new season, working at Makers & Friends, and a longing to express simplicity, I got up today and decided it was time to attempt, gardening.


Looks good, encouraged Zen.


Baby, you bought plants?  Dr Chan proceeded cautiously.

It’s quite impossible to kill the cactus, the village florist assured me.  It’s very hardy.  It likes a warm spot.


Don’t over water, Babes, said Zen.  The roots will rot and then the tips of the plants will turn yellow and…


Just give him (the fern) some water and he will need a bigger pot soon!  The SA at Two Sisters on Church Road cheerfully said.

Her optimism is seductive.


Mom?  asked Bruno.


Why is my daybed being moved away from the window?  


Mom!  I like it by the window- I can’t reach the windows this way… Mom!


Mom?  Please don’t ask me to walk Bruno today, said her majesty.  Mom?  Please may I have dinner soon?


Dear Reader, if you’re unfamiliar with my work, let me quickly explain.  I am obsessed with choreography.  The introduction of plants to my home prompts a rearranging of objects in space and time.  Spring is here.  With its arrival, I need to express, change.  The home, as I once said in an interview with The Business Times (Singapore), reflects the inner landscape of who we are, the family in residence- where we are, what happens next.

Dear Plants, please help me help you make it at least to the summer.  I’m a pretty good choreographer, but I don’t have green fingers, nor any talent with vegetation.


Once my environment is sorted out, my head feels cleared.  I am then better able to get on with my responsibilities, my work.


Necklace by Zen, on loan from Makers & Friends, the new pop-up store in Angel I’ll keep talking about because it’s a wonderful store and because that’s what girlfriends do for each other.


Sitting quietly, doing nothing,

Spring comes and the grass

grows by itself.-  Matsuo Basho

  •  Makers & Friends, 126 Upper Road, Angel  
  • email

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