Costume Change

It’s a dancer thing.


Come showtime, you throw on your costume, memorise the script, get on stage.

My lines today are easy.  Hello!  Welcome!  How are you?  Yes, everything is made in England, locally sourced.  Thank you!  Have a great day!  See you again!


Because I truly believe in her work, and because she is too modest, sometimes I steer attention towards these little pieces of quiet beauty-


Then I say- These are all individually made by the woman over there… each piece is unique… she’s too modest to say it’s hers…



Early this morning before I showed up onstage as shopgirl, the postman brought me a package from the Oxford boutique, Olivia May.


Olivia May is one of the collaborators I’ve enjoyed meeting and working with, when the blog first began last Fall.  I received 2 outfits in the mail-

IMG_8645 Outfit 1

IMG_8665 Outfit 2

The simplicity and ease enjoyed in both outfits inspired a costume change.


The dress was a complementary canvas for Zen’s work.


I wore two different pieces because sometimes when the stage is stark, you need to push choreography with a fearless duet.

All dancers know, how empowering a great costume can be.


You need to be costumed well, so you can perform your job even better than the previous time.  Dance is a visual language articulated through space, shape, motion, time.


Hello!  Welcome!  Yes, a new pop-up store…  The collection changes every week; new makers will be introduced…


Ok, thank you!  Goodbye!


See you again!

  •  Makers & Friends, 126 Upper Street, Angel, London 
  • Olivia May Ltd, 31 Little Clarendon Street, Oxford OX1 2HU
  • (PS:  If you are a reader from Singapore interested in any of Zen’s pieces, do get in touch via emailing  Dr Chan is coming to London soon, and can possibly be persuaded to help with delivery.)

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