Real Estate

Contemplating New York resulted in one very sleep-challenged night.


All day I am nursing a pulsating head.  What sort of world do we live in, when my old hood- the East Village (graffiti, tattoos, squatter and dog, Korean grocer, Indian street, Japanese Obon Festival, unnamed jazz bar, artists of every stripe- and don’t ever venture east of Avenue A) and Brooklyn, have become even more expensive to rent than, the Upper East Side?

IMG_7788 !!!

Finding a flat in London was tough.  Finding an apartment in New York?  Much, much worse.


To ease the banging in my head, Bruno and I went for a walk.


When the time comes to leave our little village, I who have left cities (New York, Los Angeles, Irvine, Dana Point, Seattle, Phoenix, Tempe, Abilene, Houston, Singapore), will leave with some heaviness.


The simplicity, the quality of life afforded here-


is too precious.


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