Monday Memo/Map

Someone needs to hand Bruno the memo.


You know, the memo that says Spring has arrived, we’ve changed our clocks.  So please don’t wake Mom up at 7am for breakfast because 7am is now 6am.


And please don’t wake Mom at 6am because you’ve nudged your toy off the bed, as 6am is 5am, and Mom is in REM sleep feeling, selfish.


By 7am, Bruno who is still on winter time (8am) is fidgeting.  I give up attempting sleep, and decide to exhaust him with an extra long walk instead.


No one in his/her right mind is walking through the Commons at this hour, so we have what feels like an enchanted forest, all to ourselves.


Stop, Bruno says, Inhale trees, earth, sky, water…


Inhale, time.


To orientate us, I keep close to the horse trails that are familiar to me.



Last weekend I told my daughter many things.  One of the things I said was, Blah, blah, blah- think of it like a map to help you navigate adulthood.  You can chose to follow Mom’s map, or discard it totally- the choice is yours and only you can decide because in the end, it is your life to lead.


One week later, she says with kindness-  Can we agree to disagree, Mom?


I can’t use your map, Mom.  I have to figure out my own.


One day she will make a wonderful doctor because like her father, she has great empathy, intelligence and a calmness that reminds me of a rooted tree.

Then she says, Mom, we live in modern times now, do you understand?

And I think- Ah, youth; fleeting and quick and absolute.  And I wonder- When did I grow up?  How did the rest of us get old?



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