Saturday Shopgirl

Foreground-  Shopgirl.  Background- Lady Boss.


London Bestie-Lady Boss Zen, launched her pop-up shop yesterday in Angel, to much enthusiasm and support.


Her shop is called, Makers & Friends.  It sells locally-crafted, locally-sourced English products ranging from skincare to prints, costume jewellery to ceramics, home-decor and scarfs.  In short, there’s simply something for everyone.


Shoppers that have stopped by, leave happy.


Many have commented on how pretty the shop looks.


Makers & Friends has also teamed up with the charity organisation, Fine Cellwork.  The latter offers a range of embroidered cushions, bits and bobs made by prisoners.


30% of all sale proceeds then go back to them.  If you want to brighten your home for spring, and know that your spending is also a charitable act- there still are some lovely cushions in stock.


On occasion, a maker (designer) is present to meet customers and better explain her products.

IMG_8470 (Kate of Isla Apothecary, extreme left)

I bought one of these bath bombs as a gift, and said hello to its maker.


Another stand out for me is Zen’s own jewellery line.


The pieces have a sense of quiet abstraction that feels timeless.


Reasonably priced, many a shopper is undecided as to which piece to get.  That’s when I step in to offer help.  Get both!  The pieces look great alone, and even better with friends!


Working as a shopgirl is not a new experience for me.  Before college, while waiting to leave Singapore, I worked at Benetton.  My first task then was to fold a stack of jumpers and re-arrange the shelf for t-shirts.  I learnt how to fold clothing for display.  This skill has remained with me for the last 28 years of my life.

Other useful things I’ve learnt working a shop include being able to better read body language,  identifying quickly the shopper who will spend, upon entering the store.


You also learn confidence, manners, and people/communication skills.  Another memory from Benetton 1999- an American man walking in briskly, looking around, and my readily stepping forward to welcome and offer assistance.  He then gave me $200 to put together a few items for his son.

Curating a physical shop is so similar to choreography as well.  You want to influence perspective, help the customer visualise and need the products in his/her daily life.


Zen went the extra mile with cookies, crisps and drinks yesterday afternoon.


In celebration of the shop’s launch, this shopgirl wore London-based designer, Self-Portrait.

IMG_8505 (Necklace by Zen at Makers & Friends)

*  Makers & Friends, 126 Upper Street, Angel  March 27- April 25 2016  Instagram account:  MAKERSANDFRIENDS_LDN

  •  Mini update 4/4/2016- the necklace photographed above has since been sold.  




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