Weekend Wardrobe (Paris)

A Paris getaway, no matter the season, is for me, the most non-thinking sort of trip to pack for.  The Parisian uniform of unadorned black, occasional white, tailored denim, and more black, pretty much sums up my London closet.


Helpful Hint:  Neither would anyone in his/her right mind comb the streets of Paris, without a scarf wrapped around his/her neck.


On our recent trip, I wore my travel uniform of jeans, white blouse, black cardigan, belted black coat, scarf and boots made for walking.  I wore my hair, messy.


I packed my pjs, and my faithful, dependable black dress.


Something I’ve learnt from French women- although there is a tendency towards very quiet, understated, at times even masculine/tomboy-ish style, the female form is nevertheless enjoyed.  Sexy however, is not brash and boobs in Paris.  Sexy is insouciant.

Helpful Hint:  You will need insouciance and a little black dress to score a table at the more popular watering holes, especially if you arrive, without a reservation.



St Germain is dotted with little boutiques offering insouciance.


At Maje, I picked up a black dress and a white top.


As mentioned in previous posts- I like traveling as incognito as possible because I want to keep safe.  We left Paris a few hours after the bombing in Brussels.  I have never felt especially thankful for looking as “local” as I did then.

Messy hair, white blouse, denim, boots, black coat-


check, check, check, check, check.

But most important of all?  Mon chien.


Ah.  Une Parisienne et son chien pour le week-end.


For readers wondering what Bruno wears if he needs to be clothed?


Monsieur Bruno wears, black.

  •  Maje, 24 Rue Saint-Sulpice
  • IMG_8199





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