Oh, Avignon!  Where do I even begin?


Leaving Paris, speeding south and seeing terrain that reminds me so much of northern California?


The arriving into a city that feels like a movie set… Walled, medieval, the narrowest of cobblestoned streets…  Architecture in pale blond hues…


At its heart, the imperious Palais des Popes.


We didn’t pass through its walls, but I can only imagine that it must feel like a city within a city.



Avignon is the prefect retreat for the art fan who loves walking!  There is too much to discover that can only be done on foot.


Too excited by its sheer beauty, I stepped out as soon as I checked- in, quite determined to just wander about map-less, with my eyes wide opened.  And so I encountered this-




And this.


Towards the Place de l’Horloge, I found an Asian grocery store.

IMG_7846 (!)

I also found streets that unfortunately show neglect, and urban conflict.  Turning around a corner, I chanced upon little squares that sing of time.




There are also intimate museums housing astounding art within this fortified city.  We tried visiting the contemporary art museum, La Collection Lambert on Sunday afternoon, hoping they would perhaps bend their no-dog policy if I kept Bruno in his bag, and that it was especially a quiet day.


We were denied entry, but given permission to peer through its windows.


Back at our wonderfully dog-friendly hotel, we enjoyed tea in a courtyard with the sort of good looks that can only trigger memories of living in a period (Peranakan) home in Singapore.


Maybe some day, I might have the chance to revive, a neglected house again.






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