Date Night- Les Deux Magots



To reward Bruno for his valiant attempt at Home Alone Boot Camp, I decided to take him on a special date.  It took a bit of organising and a mini voyage of sorts (8 hours, 5 trains, and a taxi through the Eurotunnel).  But Bruno, a dog so in tune with me, is an excellent, excellent traveler; understanding, wanderlust.


Les Deux Magots is one of those Left Bank institutions I’ve avoided for fear of it being a tourist trap, until  I started coming to Paris with Bruno.

IMG_7687 Oui, Bruno.  Nous sommes a Paris.

Once the watering hole of the literary/intellectual “elite”- Hemingway, Picasso, Joyce, Simone de Beauvoir and friends- Bruno showed me, that these days, Les Deux Magots has an easy mix of American expats, native French, and the startled tourist.


I’m not that fussy with food.  I can always find something to eat here.  What’s wonderful is how welcomed both Bruno and I are made to feel.


Service is excellent- smiling away; a starched white tablecloth is laid for us if we want to eat.  How sophisticated a society, how civilised and inclusive, to recognise that dogs may also enjoy wining/whining and dining with their families.

IMG_7719 Merci!

Changes I’ve noticed since my last visit include wifi within the premises, and the staff readily speaking English now.  These changes and the all- day dining menu, have made Les Deux Magots an even friendlier place in my opinion, while still offering a sense of that Parisienne cafe life.


  •  Les Deux Magots, 6 Place Staint-Germain des Pres





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