Skin Again

Tonight’s post is inspired by a question I was asked, while on Cookie’s back.


Which sunblock do you use?

I couldn’t remember the name of the product I use as I had changed my skincare last summer.  So I said I would need to check and let her know.


So- this is what I am using currently.  The SA at the Space NK store recommended it last summer.  She said it works like a “wall” and helps with pigmentation.

I’m happy with the product.  But I’m not convinced if it really is preventative.  I’m 45 now; the growing up years spent in tropical Singapore- PE and swimming in the blazing sun without any sunblock then, is beginning to show.

IMG_1330 (Ta da!  No make-up, no filter.)

I’ve not attempted anything invasive yet.  That’s not to say, I’m not open to enhancing or salvaging what’s left.  The main reason for my reluctance is frankly a lack of trust.  The only woman I’ve personally encountered who has had work done (and is open about it) and actually looks rested instead of frozen, is the woman who does my brows.  For this sense of well-being, she got on a plane, and flew to Korea.

Aside from trust issues- there is also the need for maintenance once you walk down the path of assisted beauty.  Botox, fillers, lasers, like youth, don’t last.  This has repeatedly been told to me by friends who have tried the current buffet.  I’m a disciplined person.  But I don’t know if I quite have that sort of patience.


I do however, religiously shield myself from the sun.  I’ve been doing this for the last 25 years.


When Dr Chan made my childhood dream of riding a horse come true, I simply took sun protection a step further.


Skin is the largest organ we have.  At some point like other body parts, it’ll come crumbling down.  But as it begins its inevitable descent, I like to protect it, keep it under wraps.


Covered up, I’ve heard all sorts of remarks-  Are you Muslim?  Do you have allergies?(yes)  What on earth are you wearing?  Can you breathe?(yes), Are you girls planning on robbing a bank?


None of the comments ever bothered me.

10881692_667727346671693_606040341022647885_n (photo credit- YL)

Because as my skin surrenders to time, my humour has scaled new heights.




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