Forest London

Forest London is my favourite store.


I first encountered it via its website, prior to our move.  I have a deep love for midcentury design.  When it comes to the home, I really like re-purposing/recycling furniture and decorative objects.


Found objects seem to give a greater resonance to the concept of home; linking the family in its private dwelling space, with a history beyond its doors.


I’ve found so many wonderful pieces from Forest.


It’s the one place I walk into and feel like Alice in Wonderland.


So let me enjoy my knees weakening, and don’t wake me up too quickly from day-dreaming…




I suddenly need more than one vase.


Then I’m reminded I need dining chairs for Singapore.


If I’m getting new dining chairs and paying for international shipping, doesn’t it make absolute sense to invest in this gem of a dining table tucked away?


Exploring the lower level, I start wondering if another couch, or a pair of arm chairs would be useful.


Then there are these catalogues you can look through to pick fabric for reupholstery.  While lacking in print, there still is a substantial amount in terms of colour and texture you can choose from.


  •  Ah, Forest London, 115 Clerkenwell Road

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