Early Birds, Window Shopping

Because Mr Separation Anxiety aka Bruno Chan has been diligently practising Home Alone Boot Camp for the last 2 weeks, I was not allowed to lie in on a cold Sunday morning.  At 7am, he did everything he could to remind me that at Boot Camp, it was time for breakfast to be served.


After breakfast, the schedule we have adhered to is- put riding basket by the front door, get dress, go on our morning hike.  Return from hike, rub him down, clean his paws, change into riding gear, send him to his bed with a treat and parting words- Goodbye, Bruno.  Mom is going riding now.  Bruno stay home.


Good Boy, Bruno.

He’s been quite the superstar.  This morning, I decided that as the rest of the world was still asleep, it would be nice to take him out to the Commons for some off-lead work.


On our way home, a shot of colour like too much adrenaline, caught me by surprise.


Woah.  DVF sleeveless jumpsuit in hot print.  Where were you when I needed colour for Chinese New Year?  Shorten the hem, throw on something as pink and chunky around the neck-


stack both my arms with cheap/fake gold bracelets and wear them with those nude sandals,


and I would have been sensationally costumed for the Monkey Year!

We walked around the corner- more Spring displayed.


Ok, I can totally relate to black and white for Spring.  But alas nautical- themed staging when we are right by woodland and far-ish from sea doesn’t quite keep this consumer engaged.


Erdem has replaced Dolce at Matches.  Both lines can be counted on to show strong florals for this season and creating similar palpitations of the heart with pricing.

We crossed the street.  Even Petite Bateau is presenting a new window…


Two thumbs up!  I would wear everything shown here if they tailored it in my size.  The dresses are simple and chic, the little boy’s summer suit worn with a cropped trouser-length, metallic sandals, messy hair and a red lip would be deliciously insouciant.

Lastly, for readers/friends who have asked me where to get a good deal while in London that also takes into account a more petite frame- Comptoire des Cotonniers is my favourite high street brand, dethroning Gap.




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