Spring Fever

I had planned on traveling this weekend, but the weather changed.  The last 2 mornings, Bruno and I awake to this-


How to experience all the shadows, pale light, stillness, quiet joy, and not react?  C’est impossible.

Suddenly, a new sensation- the need for ceramics.  Something earthy to ground the home, add texture but in the most unpretentious and spartan of ways.

So instead of getting on the Eurostar, Bruno and I rode the District and Central lines to Clerkenwell, in search of organic shapes.


I ended up making two trips because I couldn’t quite carry everything with me.


These vintage/Mid-century pieces were purchased from my favourite London store, Forest.


(Forest needs its own post; more later.)

I’ve never decorated with ceramics before.  I use glass frequently when laying a table or to adorn dead zones within the home.  Glass looks great with any plant/flower; it picks up, reflects light, enhancing mood.  All the shifts in nature that I see daily is making me want to express Spring differently from before.

11403320_748978955213198_6133765196365214563_n (Before.)


Besides, unlike the past- Spring henceforth is also a remembering of my grandmother passing on.  Something about ceramics- clay, dust to dust, a potter’s wheel, circular shapes- a returning to the earth, seem dignified and appropriate for me now.


I already like this expression so much better than yesterday’s with glass.


The ceramic vase is narrower than my glass one.  I had to divide the branches up.  The other branches found a new home in this wonderful vase.


The little squat piece replaced another glass vase on a side table.


Left-over lavender from Christmas made a new friend.


If my daughter declared I had gone truly mad over Christmas, I can only imagine what she has to say when she comes home at Easter.


Yes, Summer.  Mom has Spring Fever- even if it’s not quite Spring, yet.


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