Spring Fashion- Life Imitates Art

Last fall, on Naoshima Island, I saw a wonderful, playful expression of life, imitating art.


I can’t remember what the painting is called, but if I’m remembering correctly, the piece is by David Hockney.  I love the wittiness.  The painting is given a 3-dimensional feel, with the objects stepping out into the space of the viewer, challenging the parameters of where the painting begins and ends.  And then of course, I can’t help wondering, while viewing this painting, does the passive viewer, unknowingly become, an active part of the staged scene and experience?


Somewhere on a deserted beach on Naoshima Island, 2 identical boats were placed in the same manner. When the bus hovered high on a hilly road, I looked down and saw the painting in real life- life imitating art, and the sight made me laugh with pleasure.

I’ve been re-visiting this idea ever since, and wondering how/when I could recreate something similar for myself.

On the High Street, I found some things for Easter.


When one thinks of Easter, pastel colours may perhaps spring more readily to mind.  But, as I am guilty of dressing my home in the same manner I dress-


and because the one true Spring purchase I made was Self-Portrait’s Spring 2016 lace-panel bell-sleeved dress in black and white-


I could not resist getting a dozen easter egg ornaments in the same colour palette.

The village florist had bundles of branches for sale.  I asked to look at them.  Something about branches reaching, twisting, turning, convey a sense of quiet simplicity- an expression I seek.

“They are rather large…” the florist forewarned.

My appetite for drama took over.  I suddenly felt, we also needed, eucalyptus.

Remember Ta Prohm, the Tomb Raider temple in Cambodia?


I am often asked where I get my ideas for choreography from.  Truth is, travel, reading and being attentive to daily life provides one with a wealth of ideas for creative expression and play!


The branches were too big for my vase, so the florist helped me cut them.  Rather than toss the ends out, I strung them up with eucalyptus and hung them on my little cabinet in the hallway- my interpretation of a tree, taking root, in the home.


My piece de resistance?


Placed before (his) grandfather’s painting of roses in black and white.


Life imitates art, in theme, composition and colour play.  My home is just about dressed!

This morning, a chance blooming!


Easter is going to be beautiful, He said.














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