Mother’s Day

My daughter reminded me, that today is Mother’s Day here, in the UK.


I associate Mother’s Day with my daughter.  Without her, there would be no need for any celebration or fuss.

I’ve not exactly been a stay-home mom.  Right up until 4 years ago, I took her to work with me.  And so she grew up in the dance studio, back-stage in dressing rooms, or waiting patiently in the wings.

1929115_508894559550_2477_n (photo credit- TY Choo)

I did that because I didn’t quite have help with childcare, and ours was a dual income family.  I also did that because I didn’t know how else to teach her, what it means to be a woman; how we must and can dream, what it means to work hard and realise female potential.

L1050965 (photo credit- SPH, Motherhood Magazine)

I wanted to teach my daughter, how not to be afraid.


Because when God entrusted her to me almost 20 years ago, He gave me an even more precious gift than dance.  He gave me, courage.


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