Good Morning

Good morning, Thursday.


Fact #1:  Where there are horses, there will be hounds.


Fact #2:  Prelim Test 12 is possibly my favourite dressage test to learn and perform to date.


There’s something so symmetrical and organised about its choreographic structure that feels, comforting.


There isn’t a movement sequence that I dread.  Even the canter down diagonal paths feels like a load of fun.  The ending where you trot right up to a halt is a stylish punctuation, especially when my new partner is one very cheerful and generous-hearted Cookie.


Fact #3:  Once a dancer, always a dancer.  Too many hours of my life have been spent in plie at the barre, or lying on my back reassembling legs to increase stretch and strength.  The daily repetition, the constant seeking of precision, and  expression of the body; the hope for that one moment of flight- they become integral to who I am, no matter where I am in my life, or how old I get.


Fact #4:  Dancing is a lot more fun, when you have a partner you can trust.

309534_10150309487318105_375805154_nphoto credit- Ethos Books

Run up and down a thin flight of stairs in the dark, leap off before the stairs end and trust YW to catch me, descend and roll onto the ground still held in his arms?  I have done that and more, many, many times.

Fact #5:  Injury (for the very lucky) is only a temporary place, for enforced rest.

pic17 photo credit- The Straits Times

At physio last weekend, the (new) therapist asked when I got back on a horse after last year’s accident.  As soon as I could bend my arm to 90 degrees, was my reply.


Oh, He said.  You are one of those.

Fact #6:  Live performance is like life.  The unexpected can happen no matter how hard you practise.  Post-performance the dancer/actor/musician/athlete is always seeking feedback, critical of the self- I need to sit back more, lift my hands higher, truly traverse across space.  Downward transition has to be, crisp.

312604_10150395110924529_305647842_n photo credit- Serene Goh

Fact #7:  But because live performance is like life, and because one has practised so diligently for this moment, there will be a tasting of a joy so complete, a joy that elevates you.  From higher ground, you peer as if through a microscope at the moving figure-you, and you remember, life is about perspectives, who and what we care about.  Life is about giving thanks.

906234_353348828109548_1462260623_o-2 photo credit-  The Arts House

Fact #8:  Good Morning.  It was a good morning.





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