Helen and Skin

Please meet Helen Lien.

COP_9719 (photo belongs to Helen)

Helen is the beauty and brains behind Pure Tincture Organic Beauty, a facial spa that delivers wellness to one’s skin in spades.  A self-professed “heath and die-hard beauty junkie”, Helen left a well-paying job at XYZ a decade ago, to pursue her interests.  Identifying a need in the market for organic beauty, she then began studying various aesthetic courses (Dr Vodder Face and Neck Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Santaverde and ILA Facial Therapy), received certification in Pilates (mat work), as well as undertook post-graduate studies in business management.

Because she loves a good facial, Helen created Pure Tincture Organic Beauty with a silent partner.


Our paths crossed a few weeks ago, when back in South Asia, my skin (whole body) was ravaged by a heat rash.


It was a little shattering to present a face like this, to a stranger.


Helen was undaunted.  Her genuine kindness and care, helped allay fears.  My skin felt less irritable after the treatment she offered, although the rash was still rampant.  Soon after, I left for Cameron Highlands to escape and rest from the heat.  Helen kept in touch, asking for updates on my skin.

Day 1, Cameron Highlands, post-facial.  Getting there…


Day 2, I woke up and at last, found complete healing. I could even dust my face with powder, use BB cream and not feel, diseased.


Helen was happy and relieved for me.  She then invited me back for another treatment, pre-departure to London.  I in turn asked her to be a guest on my blog.  Because after the 2nd treatment?  My skin looked like this.


No make-up, no filter, nothing.  Shot in natural light using my i-phone.  Glowing.  Clean.  Turgid.  I wish I could wake up with skin like this, every day.  There was nothing invasive performed during the treatment.  It was a facial done the good old fashion way- massage, cleansing, mask, more massage, and with organic, plant-based products that smelt good enough to eat!

“Our products and services are directed towards clients with very sensitive skin, and skin issues like eczema rosacea, “  Helen explained.  “Yes, most of them are loyal to us.  I think they really enjoy our facials and other developments… Periodically, we carry new skincare brands that we try and test on ourselves first.  The facial business is about maintaining relationships and trust.  Our prices are reasonable… We advise honestly, offer good products and a real facial treat.”

(I Concur!)

Being her own boss is both “energising” and “draining”.  “The hours can be very long, and there are the constant challenges of meeting monthly sale targets, overheads, publicity, and HR issues.”  

010 (photo belongs to Helen)

She added-  ” I like the flexibility of running my own business, and enjoy meeting my customers.”  At 39 years old, married with 2 young children, Helen believes in “ageing with grace, but that doesn’t mean sitting back and not taking care.  Ageing with grace… includes lifestyle, diet and a positive mindset.”

(I Concur!)

  •  The 2nd treatment received was complimentary- Thank you very much, Helen!
  • Pure Tincture Studio, 68 Tras Street, 6222-0267
  • Pure Tincture Studio, The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street, 6337-6411

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