Retail Therapy

Yesterday afternoon, to calm racing thoughts and to make sense of what my daughter said to me, I walked into Matches.


I’m attending a dressy, fun/fund-raising event on Saturday.  Originally I was just going to recycle something from Chinese New Year, like that Self-Portrait I brought home.


But my lurching heart needed to be subdued.  I was in need of a black or white dress.  Or a black and white dress.


Now that I know how inconsistent and tiny Self-Portrait cuts, I saved time by asking for the larger sizes- 10, 12 to try on.


Terrific.  Size 10 is coming home with me.  Total time spent shopping thus far- under 5 minutes.


When the year leaps once in a long while, something about suiting up in black obliterates noise, frees the mind, quiets palpitations of the heart.


You have a daughter?  The SA exclaims in disbelief.  How old is your daughter?  The SA suddenly needs to sit down.  But, but…  You look like, in your… 20s!!!! 

Oh, 20s was last century.

IMG_2141 last century

I have a daughter.  She’ll be 20 in September.  My daughter is grown up.

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