Singapore-Style Sunday

Because he has an elephantine memory, in anticipation of Home Alone Boot Camp, Bruno in the wee hours of Sunday morning, crept up to me, pinning himself, around my neck.

IMG_7178 (Spot Bruno!)

Mom?  Don’t leave me.

So I woke up like this, and laid unmoving for a while.


My phone kept buzzing away because 06:00hrs in London = 14:00hrs in Singapore.

Baby, I have a cold sore- what to put on it?  Altargo, bactraban, or oracot?

Bactraban is fine, Dr Chan replied.  I’m still at lunch with my folks…

Ok, thanks!

Maybe the pound will do down if the UK leaves the Euro, texted Spice.


Tammy, all marriages are not exactly a walk in the park!  Trace watsapped me.

I think marriage is really hard!  I answered, nudging Bruno off.



Sundays I’m convinced, are best spent with family.  In the absence of kin, I like the idea of gathering with friends who feel like home.  Summer suggested lunch.  The Sweetest Friend and her husband, the Dog Whisperer are visiting.  I asked them to join us in Soho.


The Dog Whisperer readily offered to help with Bruno.


So Bruno got to practise being away from me as we strolled along Beak Street.  He lasted a few paces before attempting to jump out of his bag.

At Polpo, the Sweetest Friend liked my dress, took a few photographs of what we ordered, and forwarded them to Spice.  I think she said something like, Wish you were here.

IMG_7185 (photo credit- The Sweetest Friend)

And that’s one thing I love about my Singapore- the ties we create and hold dear cross distance and time.

There’s that guy in New York, the Sweetest Friend said.  He wrote that book…

Yah, Crazy Rich Asians- I’ve read it!


You should write the real story!  

Hahaha- that’s what Spice said!  If I did, I’d write a book that could actually sell!

Tammy, you really should!  She giggled, encouraging.

Lunch passes too quickly when you are enjoying yourself.  There is too much to say, to share, especially amongst friends whom you respect and cherish.  Then very typical of a Singapore meal, we kick up a fuss, not wanting the other to pick up the tab.



It was a beautiful Sunday, crisp and clear.  Outside Liberty’s we kissed, hugged, went our different ways.  When she caught her breath, my daughter wanted to speak about something of importance to her.  I listened carefully.


Back in the Village with cacophonous thoughts swirling in my head, I finally understood why so many Singaporeans enjoy eating and shopping.  I concluded my Sunday in atypical fashion, but in true Singapore-style, and discovered that there is some truth, to retail therapy.


  •  Polpo, 41 Beak Street
  • Crazy Rich Asians, by Kevin Kwan
  • Retail Therapy- Matches Fashion

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