Tea for Two

Poor Mr Anxious was anticipating Home Alone Boot Camp all morning.  Not only did he shadow my every move, he refused to eat, fearing that I would disappear the moment he begins breakfast.


Something I learnt in choreography and theatre that spills over to real life.  When the best of plans fail, don’t be afraid to quit and try something else.  There’s always a Plan B that can be re-imagined, new pathways to compose.


Rather than stress him further with a morning hike and being left home alone, I took him along to run errands, and then we went to tea.


I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I do so enjoy afternoon tea.  There’s just something so civilised and calming about tea.  For starters, one has to stop, sit, savour; all of which in the mad rush of living, feels like a luxurious treat.


There’s something ritualistic, ceremonious almost, about having tea that appeals a lot to me.  Was it only last week that I was in Cameron Highlands, inhaling the fresh mountain air, throwing my arms up in bliss, lost and found, in the middle of a tea plantation?


How easily we’ve since slipped back into London; how at home we now are.  It’s almost as if we’ve never left.


Today, we found an alternative spot for tea.


Piccadilly was closed with demonstrators marching, making our journey there unusually effortful.  Much to our delight, Mews of Mayfair turned out to be a sweet secret hidden from the madness of Oxford and Regent Street.  Bruno is allowed to dine only in the bar area.  This space clothed in neutrals with an antique chandelier centre stage, offered the sort of understated, easy elegance, I appreciate.


Service was excellent; Veuve Clicquot was poured.  Relieved that his day seemed more normal than yesterday, Mr Unfriendly uncharacteristically allowed staff and other guests to fuss over him.

Just around the corner off Brook Street is Hanover Square.  This makes Mews of Mayfair an even more attractive find because Bruno can enjoy some park-time after tea.


When we got home, Bruno was tired and in good spirits.  So we did a quick re-cap of Home Alone Boot Camp with my leaving, to take the trash out.


  •  Mews of Mayfair, 10 Lancashire Court  (We’ll definitively be back.)

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