Desperate Times

I’m thinking- Desperate times?


Can be re-considered as, opportunities for creativity and courage.


I gave up fighting the Heat and the Heat Rash which ravaged my skin.

When I say skin- I mean skin in the most medical of terms.  It’s one thing to not scratch; it’s another to not be able to step outside, walk my dog, ride a horse.  Hiding out in my Singapore home with the ac blasting isn’t quite my idea of recuperation either.  I’m happy at home, but I hate ac.


In the end, on the brink of madness, Dr Chan wisely suggested that either I return to London soonest, or find an alternative destination that is cooler.  He can’t change the weather, but he can send me away.

Bye, Baby.


The first sighting of the mountains cheered, cheered me.


On occasion, a chancing of architecture from a shared past, called out.


The town eventually arrived at, was neither pretty, nor quaint.  The stream that flanked the high street laid unmoving, as if choking on human carelessness and waste.  Buildings huddled close, grey and filthy with time.


But the air is still fresh.  The air is still cool, blissfully familiar to the touch.  And the hills?


The hills are alive.


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