The Good, The Bad & The Itchy

All good things?


Like bad things, will come to an end.

Goodbye, Bali the Beautiful.

IMG_4779(photo credit-  Dr Chan)

Hello, Sunny Singapore.


You are allergic to Singapore, Dr Chan wisely diagnosed.


As with previous Chinese New Year sojourns back to tropical Asia, my body has reacted to the heat and humidity by simply breaking out into a cruel rash.  The rash has taken over every surface possible- my face, is not spared.

Don’t scratch!  Everyone says to me.

On a much lighter note, Tammy… For once my skin looks better than yours...YL makes me laugh.


There is no escaping this furnace-like heat in South Asia.  Was it only 2 weeks ago that I rode Cookie out in the Commons without my winter jacket and gloves, because at 7 degrees, I was feeling too hot?  (Insert moan.)

IMG_4491Beam me back, Cookie!

Day 3 of living with Heat Rash, I quit the medication he had put me on, and suffer through this feeling of constantly being bitten by an army of ants.  The medicine is to help reduce swelling and dull the itchiness, but the medicine can’t take away the source of my allergy.  Besides, I have a high threshold for pain.

Helen at Pure Tincture kindly saw me at 9:30am.  Last year, one of her therapists placed magical hands on my face, and kneaded the swelling away.


Helen was attentive, empathetic and kind.  I was given the SV Aloe Vera De-stress 90 minute treatment, as well as the Cryo Firming Treatment for Sensitive Skin.  The latter involved being attached to a machine, with a spoon-like paddle massaging the potions lathered on my face, for more effective absorption.  Throughout my time there, she encouraged me to rest.

IMG_6616 (I’m not sure what I need to be resting from… The Heat, perhaps.)

It’s a miserable feeling, seeing your face and body covered in angry spots.  I’m trying to hold onto humour.  It’s easy to quell the urge to scratch, because I have dancer discipline and don’t want to scar my face.  I keep telling myself, All Bad Things like Good Things, Will Come to An End.


  •  Pure Tincture (for non-invasive, honest-to-goodness/ au natural/organic products/facial treatments) 6337-6411, 1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi #B1-10
  • I paid SGD$260 for the treatments today.





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