Sleeping Beauty

Dr Chan works every day.  He doesn’t quite go on holiday.  His patients get nervous when he’s not around.  He gets nervous when he’s not around.  But, it’s his 50th, and coincidentally, Chinese New Year as well.  With some ingenuity on my part, I coaxed him on a plane.

IMG_6171 (Dr Chan doesn’t do selfies/wefies either.  But that’s a post for another day.)

So when he finally is on vacation?  All he really wants to do is, sleep in.


That’s a truly luxurious treat for him, because he never gets to lie in, even when he himself is sick.  When he finally gets up, he likes to have a full breakfast, some lunch, and then delights in an afternoon nap.  Afternoon becomes evening, and before the day is over, I’ve called for room service, because it’s also Superbowl weekend.


Unlike me, Dr Chan never skips a meal.

I have to remind myself that as my traveling companion reincarnates as Sleeping Beauty, he is at heart, a Light Sleeper.  Which means I can’t be trying to get rid of all my pent-up energy in proximity to his slumbering form.  Read in bed while the curtains are still drawn?  He’s going to flinch as soon as he hears me turn on the reading light.

Each day sort of rolls into the next.  Dr Chan is having a blissful birthday, and a terrific start to his new year.


I on the other hand, have reached that place, where I have absolutely no idea, what to do with myself.


On this island, there are horses you can canter along a black-sand beach where the ocean doesn’t go whoosh whoosh, but RoaRs and RoaRs.  There are villages dotted about decorated with floral offerings for the gods.  There are volcanoes.  There are ancient temples, some only accessible at low tide.  There are art galleries towards the interior, and museums.


Baby?  What are we doing tomorrow?  I asked yesterday.

Tomorrow?  Resting, Baby.  You only just got better.  Why, is there something you’d like to do?

There’s that temple, I think built sometime in the early century- not sure… you know the one that pilgrims go to bathe in its waters for healing…

How far’s the temple?  You really want to go there?  Haven’t you just seen the mother of all temples?

Well, doesn’t it sound interesting?  I could try bathing in its waters?  Maybe it will heal my heat rash?

Or make it worse, Dr Chan ever gentle, reasoned.  Baby, would you like to take an antihistamine?

Then he offered a walk at sunset.  The light’s beautiful…

Alone this morning, I chanced upon this-


It jolted me.  Sleeping Beauty is a good man, he asks for so little, and gives so very much.  Alright- we have different sleep patterns, and I’m in my element with solitude.  But perhaps God brought him into my life, because some days Dr Chan knows, that I too need rescuing, from myself.













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