Viroth’s Hotel

The paved road leading from the airport to the center of Siem Reap is dusty, and desolate.  The route while straightforward and short, can sink spirits with the unobstructed views of trash, trash, trash strewn about.  I knew my hotel was sited near the river; and only after crossing what I mistook for a drain did I realise, we had arrived.


Safety as mentioned before, was paramount.  Style in my living quarters, even temporary, as important.  There’s an Aman in town, but Viroth’s Hotel with its more modest pricing, central location and excellent (TripAdvisor) reviews made the decision for me.


I felt palpable relief, upon arriving.

IMG_5928 IMG_5932

The hotel photographs well.

IMG_5935 IMG_5984

Mid-century-inspired interiors, lush vertical gardens, pops of exuberant colour, the occasional use of print, and the tactful arrangement of open and enclosed areas for habitation worked harmoniously to create a restful stay.

IMG_5978 IMG_5980

The mattress and sheets I slept on were firm and crisp.  The bathroom generous, wifi reliable and fast.

IMG_5909 IMG_5922

Service was at all times very pleasant and helpful; although none of us could prevent the large tropical mosquitoes from sneaking into my room.

Because I found Siem Reap to be a provocative place, Viroth’s Hotel offered a sense of the familiar to process conflicting feelings and thoughts.  Had I extended my stay, the beginnings of a new project would most possibly have taken shape.


  •  Viroth’s Hotel, Street 24, Siem Reap, Cambodia





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