Eye Candy- Brunch

On my “last” morning in Singapore, I made it to the much anticipated, Eye-Candy Brunch.

(Note:  The term Eye-Candy was run through the Eye Candies before usage, as it is not meant to upset anyone in any way.  Both actors gamely agreed with their characteristic elegant sense of humour and grace.)

Remember my beautiful actor-friends, Amy and Jimmy?


I couldn’t help noticing that in the flesh, they both had that sort of symmetrical faces the camera worships.  They have even, double eyelids, perfectly even-sized eyes that twinkle, lean noses of the correct length that most Asian people do not have unless purchased via surgery, high, evenly- set cheekbones, and narrow chins.


If all the above does not equate Eye Candy, I’m not sure what does.

Looks aside, as people, these are two very dedicated, hard-working actors, with so much gentleness, kindness, humour, and heart.

Everybody likes you, Amy; how can they not?  I said.

Jimmy is the one!  In Taiwan, while filming… he was so kind… he knew when to really help push me…


My mother’s request- If you ever feature Jimmy again, no need to write, just post as many pictures as possible, ok?



Er, Jimmy- you don’t mind being an object of beauty right?!!

Hahahaha!  I’ve never viewed myself as such!


I know…

I’ll take it and run with it…

That’s another of your attractive traits (self-effacing, humble)!

Just a small town boy; if sister says so…Fantastic!


So desu ne!  Chinese New Year means…


Family!  Both chorused.  Hopes?

Restful, increase…  Amy

A healthy year for everyone in the family… Jimmy


Amy-  Eat as many pineapple tarts, kueh bang cakes, lie there, roll around!

Jimmy-  It’s the one time of the year, I’m officially invited over to friends’ houses!  Give Kobe an ang pow!


  •  Kobe is Jimmy’s dog.  An ang pow is a red packet/red envelope with money enclosed that married people give to children, older folks, or younger, unwed family members.
  • Amy Cheng and Jimmy Taenaka can be seen playing pivotal roles in a new English television show, Rojak come April.  
  • Brunch was eaten at Clinton Street Baking Company on Purvis Street.  It was my 1st time there.  I’m not able to comment on the food as I had a mojito.  Service however, was very attentive, star-struck, and continually smiling (rare in Singapore).

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