A Little White Dress

Fact:  London is cold and Singapore is mercilessly hot.

IMG_4644 Sigh.  Why does the sun go on shining…

Fact:  In both cities, you kind of need discipline to look neat, presentable, when combating the elements.

Fact:  On Sundays in Singapore, I have daughter-in-law duties.  I have to attend Extended Family Lunch, smile and nod, smile and nod, and not look like I just stepped off a plane, rolled out of bed, or God forbid, perspiring.

Enter, the Little White Dress to the rescue.


It’s an Issa dress bought on-line, past season.  Issa is another UK find that I learnt about, through the Duchess.  At sale price, it’s a non-thinking purchase.  I bought the same dress in black, and keep that in London.  The white one stays here in Singapore.


The original dress came down below my knees.  I shortened it immediately.  Looking at the dress today, I should have also altered the neckline.

Dressing in black and white is one of the go-to rules in my book, especially when I can’t be bothered to imagine beyond, and am struggling to not let the heat deflate me.  It’s quick, democratic chic, streamlined and slimmimg without any fuss.  Less really is more, in this case.  At lunch, my Mil took one look at me and declared, that only I was allowed to eat, kueh (cake).


  •  For readers wondering, I’m discovering that UK sizing is not as consistent as the French or Italians. Issa cuts very big- the dress is a UK6.



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