Culottes, noun-  “Women’s knee-length trousers cut with full legs to resemble a skirt.” (Googled)


Looks European!  The ever supportive, long-suffering husband offered.

They are.  Historically once, knee breeches, worn by gentlemen sometime during or before the Renaissance, right up to early 19th century here, in Europe.  Later Victorian women appropriated them, so as to not have to be stuck riding side saddle.

IMG_5722 (Thank you, Victorian sisters!)

Looks really strange, Mom… said Summie.  I think you need, heels.


I agree (heels).  You don’t think it looks cute with high boots?

Looks really, really strange… She tried to be as kind as she could.  And Mom?  I think you need to cut your hair.  It’s getting too long…  and Mom?  Why is your hair blue?


Culottes made a recent come-back.  I suspect it’s the sort of garment that only women of a certain age would understand.

In the summer, you could wear it with a cropped top; it would look so cute, the SA suggested.


Hmmmmmmmmm.  Not just culottes, but the added challenge of a high-wasited silhouette on a body that has a weak waist.  Hmmmmmmm.

The culottes stirred memories.  The last time I wore something so high-waisted?  It was 1980.  My cousins, brother and I gathered at Popo’s house, dancing away to alleviate boredom.


I was, 10.


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