Lost in Translation

I admire fashion.  I love art, and I hate shopping.  But because it is tradition to buy new threads for Chinese New Year, I heeded Jon’s advice, and had Matches in my village, call in that Peter Pilotto dress I was curious about.

1034320_1 (Googled image)

I requested the dress in two sizes, a UK 6 and 8, as I have never worn Peter Pilotto before, and was unsure about the cutting.




Verdict:  Utterly on trend for Resort/Spring-Summer 2016 with the off- the- shoulders neckline.  Love the sense of whimsy with the appliquéd waves.


What do you think?  asked the SA kindly.



I think it looks great on you!  Another SA enthused.


IMG_5700 (Note to self- thickened waistline, shortened torso!!!)

Whatever you try on, remember to trust your eye my husband prompted earlier today.

What do I really think?  A dress needs to express the occasion, who you are, offer solace, bolster confidence.  I love the concept of this dress, but once I slipped into it, things got kind of lost in translation.  Too many gathers and pleats for starters.  Too many overt references to islands-in-the-sun.


It’s a cute dress, I tell the SA.  But I have body issues.  I’m so sorry; it doesn’t look right on me.

  •  Excellent service and Peter Pilotto can be found at Matches (Notting Hill, Wimbledon Village, Marylebone, Richmond)

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