Best British Buys

The stores are still having the post-holiday sales.  So when the weather turned arctic last week, I crossed my High Street to buy, cashmere.


What a great buy!  Snuggly, practical warmth without bulk!  I really like Brora, especially, on sale.


Other British brands I’ve attempted with no regrets-

Barbour.  You’ll need to wear Barbour for riding in the rain and cold,  My husband said 3 years ago.

1526083_540669926030193_540136677_n (photo credit- WV Stables.  Serious equine enthusiasts, please forgive my turned-out foot; I had lost my stirrups and was re-finding them in motion.)

Back then I had no idea what Barbour was.  My husband explained,  The Queen wears, Barbour.  He also said,  Maybe you need a Range Rover.


Barbour offers incredible protection against the elements, if you need to spend a good portion of your life, outdoors.  I love my Barbour jacket.  It’s also really easy to care for; just toss in the wash with dark colours, and then hang it to dry.


Burberry.  Yes, that trench coat.  I resisted and resisted, as I always thought it looked kind of corny/Sherlock Holmes-y/fashion victim-y.  But there’s transitional dressing to think about, spring, pre-fall, and the constant rain.


Eventually, I succumbed.  It’s up there on my list of Best British Buys.  In between seasons, it’s all I wear; and when jetting between Singapore and London- it’s easily folded up, stowed away.


Another thing I appreciate about London- living, is that we can buy local produce, directly from the source.  Every Monday, I walk downhill to the grocer parked between the Pub and Library, to buy fruit and vegetables.  Today’s buy cost me 2 pounds, 10 pence.  That includes a week’s supply of carrots for Cookie.  This for me, is pure luxury, as the cost of living in Singapore is phenomenal.  The same amount purchased would easily cost about 25-30 pounds in Singapore, and sadly would not even be, as robust or as fresh.



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