Claire in the City

Claire and I met at French class.  We were both sitting in the front row.


Translation:  We were both as bewildered.


When I broke my arm, she insisted on driving me back; “no”, was not an option.


Originally from Sydney, I asked Claire if she would mind being a guest on my blog.  She gamely agreed.  Shooting from the hip, I asked her straight up- Ok, how old are you?



Ok, you’re too young for the picket fence and kids!

(Insert squeal of laughter, potty break, and another round of white wine, please.)

Claire was 30, entrenched in the financial world, when that world collapsed.  She also remembers sitting  at a bar in Sydney thinking, there just has to be, more.  One day, she lost her job.  That moment she remembers as the “prompt” she was needing to move forward.


Moving to London was something I’ve always wanted to do…

Come April, it will be 7 years since her bold move.  The early days “were really tough”.  If I had to move to a new city now… you really have to go out there and make it happen…. be relentless… persistent…make it happen… She mused.


The best part about living in London?

Moments like these, She readily offered.  The diversity…


It’s dynamic, diverse, invigorating.  You can feel like yourself.  No matter what you want, you can do those things.  I judge myself less here.


She describes her peers as successful; a positive, outwardly-focused group, fiercely protective of each other and this sense of optimism.  With some, she gathers to train and runs a half-marathon in Paris each year.


I feel I am more my own person here…. it’s a city that plays to your strengths.

Claire and I met this weekend for lunch that became happy hour.  We talked about Cambodia, blogging, instagram, Ted talk, other girlfriends, relocation. and crossroads.


When her blog is ready, you’ll find her url posted below.  For now, I left Claire and happy hour with an added spring to my step.  Because that’s the way Claire in this city, makes us all feel.


* All photographs of Claire belong to her and are used with her permission.



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