Winter Lessons

So we’ve had some cold days.


The cold doesn’t get me down, thankfully.  Winter can be too harsh if you need the sun.  Throw that in with the post- holiday mental and physical fatigue, the back to work grind- I suppose it’s easy to slide into despair.


Lucky me!  Because I got so sick over Christmas and New Year’s, now that I am back on my feet, I’m just grateful for health and, happy.  Amazing how waking each day with gratitude for the very “simple” things in life, can fuel one with focus and energy.


(There- 1st shot this morning, to say hello to my husband.  No make-up, no filter- but there was good light in the flat, and of course, I used the camera angle trick.)

How are you, Baby?  He asked.

I am very well.

I can see that!

Here’s something else I’m learning about winter.  All that cold and lack of humidity contribute to increasing the life span of a good blow-out!

IMG_5453 (Wednesday)

On Thursday after riding (helmet-crushed hair), my pencil-straight hair actually bounced back.


Yesterday, Claire and I met for lunch.


We couldn’t stop talking, laughing, drinking.  So lunch became tea, and the sky became night.

(More about Claire, tomorrow!)

In my inbox, an email from my publisher asking if I would be back in Singapore in April, as the National Library would like to invite me to speak about my 1st book.


Oh!  Thank you for thinking of me, I replied immediately.

So, health, good hair-days, beautiful friends, a roof over my head, heating that works, and a little book that still generates interest despite my long absence from the Singapore scene- what more does a person need to be happy?


As Trace and I always say to each other- we are already too, too blessed.

558872_303814323062999_1344289185_n (Too Blessed!)

And then this morning, we woke up to this.


Not snowing here, Jon teased me.


It rained though- you would have liked that!


I chanced upon a quote by William Blake-  “In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.”


I don’t think I’ve quite arrived at winter in my life.  But with only gratitude in my heart, one day, I’ll get there.


  •  ‘A’ is for Achar, ‘L’ is for Love is published by Ethos Books, and can be purchased at (Thank you for all support and encouragement.)



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