My New Friend

I think I’ve made a new friend!


I’ve met her before.  But at about the same time, I met Dumpling who knocked me off my feet.


Her name is Cookie.  I used to think she was too tiny for me.  When I sat on her, I felt immense guilt.  Imagine, such a petite horse having to haul me around.


Sorry, Cookie!

After Dumpling left, I was very kindly assigned, Cookie.  From the start, she has only been incredibly polite, and very kind.  She knows her job well, performs optimistically.  When I first started riding her 4 weeks ago, I felt a sense of reluctance- I just didn’t want to chance being broken again.  So there we were- two female creatures politely considering each other.

A piece of wisdom offered to me- “Cookie is a very good horse, and very, very kind, but how to ride her well?  That is going to be your challenge.  Very few people can ride her, well.”

Something changed last week when winter finally descended on us.  Out in the cold, on little Cookie’s back, I discovered so many things about her- her experience, her generosity, her flexibility when compared to the acrobatic Dumpling.  While Dumpling was a foil to all my fears and what I could not do, Cookie is teaching me with my discovery of her, all the things I will need to do, and do better, to help move us along.

It’s a wonderful, wonderful thing, to be able to learn from a horse.

73975_10150305443185564_7113847_n (photo credit- MT)

This morning?  I felt we had finally arrived at mutual conversation.  It was such a jubilant start to my day, the rest of the day could not but continue on in a similar fashion.


Maybe it is like what Zen said; different horses like people, come into our lives at different points, for different purposes.

There will always be that one true heart-searing love.


And the goddess friend-


the one who is too good to be true…


Then there is the misunderstood young man who fortunately has found himself a new home.

10504928_589860497791712_494938526200378643_o (photo credit- YL)

Who knows how long Cookie and I get to be friends for.  But while we have this moment, I’m not going to take each morning for granted.  Perhaps at some point before the summer, she might trust me enough to butterfly kiss.



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