Chan & Chan

Summer Chan lugs her bag down the stairs, climbs back up, and promptly collapses.


Goodbye, Mom.  Goodbye, Bruno. 


Mom?  I just want to pass my exams…

Yes, of course…  Enjoy yourself, ok?  I think the lesson you need to learn this term is believing in yourself; really learning to trust yourself.

Mom?  What are you doing?


I’m trying to eat cleaner.

Euw!  That’s so gross!  It looks like, blood!  


Bye, Mom.  I’m going to study, cells.

And back to school she goes.


In Singapore, Dr Chan saw 125 patients on Monday, 100 patients on Wednesday.  This evening, he swam 5 laps- a new year resolution gently suggested by me.


Last lap was tough,  Started to feel it in the legs.

Just keep it up ok, Baby?  5 laps is a great start.  Stretch ok, Baby?  So proud of you!


Swimming is hard work!

Hard at the start, but it will get easier, Baby.  It is good for your body- safe and holistic exercise… Combined with yoga, should add sparkle to your 5th decade!


Er, ok.


Mom?  Daddy and I are not like trains on tracks.  We’re more like ships out in the ocean.  If you are not around to steer us?  We just float about, adrift.




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