Eating Clean

Subconscious New Year Resolution that took form while being so sick over the last 2 weeks-  Eat Cleaner.


You barely eat and when you do it’s always well!!!  Zen texted from Korea.


No thanks, Mom!  None for me, said Summer.  I’m full!


Cauliflower and kale- I can’t remember what else went into making this so… (bright) green.


Wanna do a Sunday lunch catch up… Kiren’s text.

Yes, was just gonna ask you… Let’s confirm venue later- feel like somewhere else, but can’t think right now. X


Eating clean is suppose to boost my immune system, re-energise my mind, add some sparkle to my skin, right?  Yet, 12 hours have passed since I last spoke with Kiren, and I can’t conjure up a dog-friendly venue for this Sunday’s Roast.  All that is on my mind is- why is eating clean such a brightly-coloured experience?


The only time I enjoy this shade of red is, when it’s painted on my nails.

The label says, “Cold Pressed… Stupidly Healthy…  We loved our homemade juices so much, we wanted to make them for everyone.  We cold press 1/3kg of fruit & veg into each bottle…”

Beetroot, apple, carrot, cucumber, lemon-  “100% natural & raw… no additives, no added sugar…”  It’ll take a bit of getting used to.  Maybe I should be more discipline and chop it all up as a salad instead.  I can’t seem to finish my vegetables, in a gulp.





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