Possessive Pronouns

Tell me, tell me, tell me- who lifted your blog material without crediting you?  Kiren texted.


#!@##%&&!!! He replied, making me laugh so hard I began coughing again.  What is it about the Hokkien dialect that frees the tongue, makes a curse word sound all the more vulgar, but oh that bit tastier when exclaimed?

I must ask my Hokkein-speaking husband.


My Hokkien-speaking husband.  Ah.  Possessive pronouns.  “All words that demonstrate ownership” (Source- Google).


Dumpling was scheduled to be sent back to Ireland today.  C asked me if I wanted to go visit him at lunch.  (Badly!)  In the end, I declined her kind invitation.  I thought best let him leave without fanfare on my part.  I didn’t want to lose it saying goodbye, standing out in the rain, on a Surrey field.

10392625_710274352403082_3769168174552902040_n photo credit- WVS, photo taken last winter

Goodbye, Dumpling.  I pray God keeps you safe.


“Imitation is the best form of flattery”!  Zen texted me.  Then she got on Instagram and her next comment was- WAH…!!!!

Unbelievable right?!!!


Jon says to not stop blogging and ignore.

Yes, I agree with Jon.

But it feels like theft… How’s Korea?  Cold?

Not as cold as London…



Cyberspace is full of unsavoury types… So once you put yourself out there you are bound to attract your fair share of weirdos, said Spice sagely.


So time to write a nasty expose??  He joked.

Lol!  If I did, might become a book that actually sells!

486225_353268424784255_1175293602_n-1 photo credit- Ethos Books, When the Bough Breaks, my 2nd book- have you bought your copy yet?


My 2nd book.  Mine, his, hers, theirs, its.  Possessive pronouns all.  Ours.

I’ve recovered from the shock of being plagiarised.  But now I am wondering if I should put an end to my blog.


You should continue your blog work if it’s an important artistic outlet for you, despite all the CCBs, Jon said, comforting me.

It is, and the thing with art is it requires an audience.  I can’t blog anonymously.  The audience needs a face.

Yes.  He agreed.  You’re really good at it too!  

Don’t stress too much about plagiarism!  Zen encouraged.  Compliment!

They all read your blog!  Creepy.  I think they hate you.  Pathetic!  Never mind- ONWARDS AND UPWARDS, Ms Tammy L Wong!  Kiren again, ever loyal, ever true.

Just read your blog, sweetheart!  Wow!  The sweetest friend said.

From across this earth, a rousing chorus cheers me on.  Ah.  My friends.

998_299667116811053_1657686076_n photo credit- Zen

  •  Tonight’s post is inspired by recent events of plagiarism/bad behaviour, and the sheer force of friends whose opinions I value and trust immensely.  Thank you for stopping by.  Please note that this blog and its contents belong to me, unless otherwise stated.  Have a wonderful week ahead.  X  Tammy L Wong

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