Tate Date

I hope you realise there’s no virtue in suffering and START TAKING SOME MEDICATION FOR YOUR FEVER AND ILLNESS!!! Kiren texted.


No medicine for me.  I wholeheartedly believe, in the body’s ability to mend itself with time.

Healing with time requires, patience- a virtue I’ve been honing.


In lieu of medication, a cheerful coat that has lived with me for almost 20 years, provides sanctuary and rest from the cold.  It makes for easy date dressing.  In a sea of people clad in black, my date will be able to spot me.


At the Tate Modern, we saw, Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture.  According to publicity materials, Calder (1898-1976) is “widely celebrated as the originator of the ‘mobile’…one of the most innovative and influential American artists of the 20th century.”  With all due respect, I frankly had no idea who he was prior to viewing the exhibition.  In fact, I stood at the ticket counter asking for tickets to Frank Auerbach, and was told I was at the wrong gallery.  Oops.


So the Calder experience was something that came from an innocent mistake and a spontaneous decision made.  Which reminded me, even on the very last day of the year, I can learn something new, and how when we embrace the unfamiliar, the human spirit is always lifted and stretched.

IMG_5215 photo credit- Tate Modern Brochure, Black Widow 1948

No photography was allowed- which was a pity, because Calder’s works blew me away.  Playful, insightful, whimsical- I spent the afternoon pondering simplicity and shadows, shifting shapes and light.

It’s the sort of optimistic art experience that encourages lingering.  It’s the sort of date you don’t want to put an end to.


My fever kept away.  Even better- I got to bring my date home.


At home, he helped me with the lights and the Christmas trees.


I set the table, served dinner.


Popo’s death although very, very sad, was for me, also a victory.  The manner in which she left, still living in her own home, surrounded and cared for so well by family who loved her, and whom she loved…a victory, He unexpectedly shared.

Look at what I took today, when you were taking a picture of me.


A picture within a picture, frames within frames.  Dead centre, St Paul’s, anchoring.  It’s a concept, many artists working in all mediums like returning to.


Make a film about a film being made, choreograph a dance with a dance in progress, write a book about a book being written… Macro and micro perspectives…

That’s you and me, He said.  You do the macro, I’m better with the micro…


Happy New Year, Baby!

Happy New Year.  2016?  I’m ready.

*Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture  November 11 2015- April 3 2016, Tate Modern

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