Happily Ever After

I need to check your throat, He said.  Open wide…


Ok- your tonsils look fine.  But if your fever persists tomorrow, can we agree that you’ll get started on some antibiotics…


Since you rode this morning, I suggest you just rest… go lie down.


You should rest…


Do you want me to help you? 


Ok, let me know if you need help.  I’m just in the next room watching tv…


Wow!  All done?  No problem!  Of course I’ll put the box away for you!  


What?  The lights?  No, no, do them tomorrow…  You’re cooking dinner?  We’re eating lamb?  Gosh, Baby, you’re amazing!  I love you!  What is it… you want to go to Provence with Bruno?


Yah, sure.  Huh, and Luang Prabung?  


Where’s that?  Is that safe?  I see.  Er, yah, you can go by yourself… I have to work!


Can you inhale and exhale deeply?  Good, good.  No, no Baby, I’m not going to go riding with you.  I can’t ride!  The High Street is dangerous; I can’t cross it on a horse!


Walk Bruno?  Sure, no problem.  I’ll walk him when the rain stops… You go lie down, ok?  Do you need anything else?  Ok, I’ll go finish that program on tv.  Love you.  Talk to you tomorrow.


I think I’d agree with those who feel that effective communication is important in a happy marriage.  But because dance is often a non-verbal art form, I also believe for us to communicate effectively with each other, words need not be the only tools used in expression.

My throat is too sore for speech, my fever is too high and persistent.  But Christmas needs to be packed away, and with only the discipline dancers/athletes would understand, I forced myself out of pjs, into some kind of cute skirt to get chores done.  My husband appreciates, cute.


I who grew up never dreaming of, nor wanting Happily Ever After, look at him, listen to his chatter and think- there isn’t really a secret to Happily Ever After.


Happily Ever After gets scripted with just getting on- give and take, take and give; at all times, reminding ourselves to not waste any energy, nor words, on the petty.

And they lived happily every after…


In separate continents of course.



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