2015, in Dress

January, Loss #1.  My arm.


Pain Level=  Astounding.

On the day of surgery, I costumed myself in a 15-year old Simonetta dress with attached tiered petticoat, once purchased from a children’s store.  If I am going to be reconstructed and stuck in hospital, I might as well look like I am off to a tea party, and enjoying myself; you know- Mind Over Matter.

February, Bali


Dearest Fairy Godfather,

Thank you so much for understanding that the first tentative steps towards recovery, had to be done in absolute style.  Please would you stick around in 2016, and grant me new wishes.

(Colour Theme- Blue.)


Blue skies, blue waters, blue sling to hold my broken arm.


February, Date Night, Hanoi


Mom?  You’re in Hanoi?!!! 

Yes.  Daddy asked me what I wanted to eat for dinner, and I said, pho.


Packing spontaneously was simple.  My blue dresses were at the dry cleaners.  So I wore my green ones instead.


March, Singapore, Loss #2.


To have the indomitable force of my grandmother extinguished, is to encounter a darkness that is deafening and deep.


In our sorrow, we stood together, uniformed in black and white; and I learnt there is strength in numbers.

April- May, IB Exams, Refurbishing New Flat, Moving House (again)


Throw on a faithful London Uniform (little black dress, jeans, boots).


June, Back on Dumpling!


Woohoo!  I’ll keep my helmet on.

July, High School Graduation, IB Results, University Sorted Out.


Proud Parents Moment necessitated print and colour- let’s celebrate!


July, Birthday, Philippians 4:13

11542095_813173618779821_7283331998204216675_nphoto credit- WVS

It’s competition attire- white trousers, white collared shirt, dark jacket, clean boots.  I ought to have worn gloves, and lost points for not wearing any.  Dumpling however was magnanimous, and the sweet old partnership resurfaced.  Happy Birthday, to me!

August, Down by the Sea


I rather like colour co-ordinating with Bruno.

September, Personal Triumphant Moment

11951278_838581212905728_7988187304424593345_nphoto credit- WVS

We finally did it, in the same costume.


September, Milan 


Bav Tailor dresses me in her Cloud Dress.

October, Paris 


Agarosak dresses me for this event, and I learnt that at 45, one can actually still get away with a hint of torso exposed, as long as the garment delivers a strong narrative via fabric and cut.

November, New York


As I’ve already ventured down the path of the exposed middle, I figured, while in the Big Apple on an unusually warm fall weekend, let’s try a romper, French-designed of course!

November, Loss #3


No helmet required.

November, 20th Anniversary and Thanksgiving


In the Land of the Rising Sun, kawaii gets you around.

December, Singapore Stopover


Last few moments with a favourite dress.  Quite a few of the beads have fallen off and the poor dress is losing its shape.

Happy Birthday to the truest of friends!


If God grants us another 32 years of friendship, we’ll be celebrating our 78th birthdays then!  I would have lost all my teeth, but I would still wear the same costume of a little black dress, and something chunky around my neck.

December, London


Zipped into my London uniform for dashing about and sorting out Christmas.  Promptly fell ill on the night of the 23rd…


Unless I miraculously recover, I think I’m spending the last few days of 2015, in my pjs.









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