Finally, Christmas

So Christmas Eve looked like this.


And tasted like this.


Christmas Dinner Menu:  Popo’s Curry, Bayswater (Four Seasons) Roast Duck, Char-siew and Siew-yok, Improvised Gado Gado (Malay-style salad), Assorted Italian ham served cold, rice and bread (unseen).


Gathering together, fuelled by food, terrific vino, mood-lighting, it was an enjoyable evening of much love and laughter.  Kiren ever the perfect guest, echoed my sentiments.


We are no longer the girls of 1980s Singapore.


Life happened.  We grew up.  Basking in the company of childhood friends, I marvelled at each our journeys, how difficult things can get, the distances we continue bridging.


What are you doing on Christmas Day?  Amy asked.

Recovering!  Jon replied.


The 25th of December was a day of utter indulgence…


Leftovers for lunch, cheong fan and udon in a broth full of love for dinner.


My family and house guest drifted in and out of sleep, spent the whole day in pjs.


At some point, I cleared up the Christmas Table, re-arranged furniture, began putting some decorations away.


Eh?  You better rest!  Amy texted.  Can’t stop moving right? Lol!

I am running a high fever…

Take it easy, all the excitement must be getting to you!!!  Another dear friend said.


He’s right.  All the excitement kind of got to me.  Then my daughter handed me this card, and hugged me so tightly that it made breathing hard.


If I were to re-choreograph this Christmas, I would chance falling ill, and stage it the same way, all over again.

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