The Christmas Table

I’ve been working on my Christmas Table all week.


More than the trees, the table for me, allows scope for my imagination to run.


Last night I added candles.  Jon suggested we dine in candle-light tonight- an idea that is at once fun, atmospheric and apt, given that it’ll be raining and chilly today.

A moment ago, I stepped out to get flowers.  I cut the stems, placed them in the vases.  There weren’t enough hydrangeas- so I’m cheating with a fake flower I had in storage.


Another thing I did this year was re-used the wooden stars as place cards, instead of bothering to buy any.


I wrote each person’s name in pencil on a wooden star.


The more straightforward way of serving Christmas dinner when living in such limited space is of course to serve food buffet-style, let your guests find any seating available, balancing plates on their knees.  I’ve done a few Christmases in this manner.  It’s not my preferred way to host.

I do like it when we can sit around a table.  So Jon indulged me, and I ordered more dining chairs.


It’s going to be squishy tonight.  The younger adults may get bored with us, and want to retreat elsewhere.  I’m not even going to start thinking of the cleaning and clearing up ahead of me.

I think the table facilitates a sense of gathering.  Tonight there will be friends from childhood visiting.  And although we are no longer the girls we were then in 80s Singapore, I think it is such a precious gift to be able to sit with each other on Christmas Eve, toast the passing year, herald the new one.


From my table to yours, may I wish you, a very Blessed Christmas, and a Happy New Year.



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