Secret Surprise for Summer

Fall term is over, and Summer is expected home this afternoon.  A few weeks ago, she adamantly said- There Has To Be A Christmas Tree, Mom.


Fulled by yesterday’s efforts, I decided to surprise her with her very own tree.


I’m getting the hang of all this Christmas-ing again.  Having 2 trees in a home is a decorating/choreographic trick I have done once before, when a small space required, imagination.

Imagination?  I have loads.  I hope I get to live the rest of my life with curiosity.


And kindness.

Kindness is a quality I admire immensely.  The people who move me most, and whom I love, are all preciously kind.  Carrying the tree home, I thought of my grown-up daughter, now taller than me, and so much smarter than me.


She has her father’s heart- so large, so full of empathy.


I know that the program she’s in, is very tough.  I will never be able to grasp an iota of what she is learning or working on these days.

When she’s upset, she calls me, and there are times I have to listen to angry tears.  When she has that rare free moment, she invites me to meet her for lunch.

The first and last thing she will see from her bed, will be this small tree.  She will understand what I am trying to say, and more.


Because when your daughter has grown into such a beguiling creature, the words for love, for pride, for joy, for gratitude, can get too lodged, in the heart.

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