24 Hours, Singapore- London

The long-suffering husband took me for tempura, on my last night in Singapore.

IMG_4477 tempura at Tenshin, 6735-4588

If like me you are in a long-distance relationship, here’s a simple tip:  To imprint self in his memory, wear something cute.  He may not remember everything about the Tempura Dinner Date, but he will remember, I looked the way, he likes me best.


When we got home, he helped me retrieve my Christmas boxes from storage.


I have 20 years of Christmas in them.


Because I go into that OCD state when packing and unpacking, and because I have moved so many times in my life, each time I unpack Christmas, I note with some pride, nothing’s broken!  Everything is as it was, when wrapped so tenderly and safely stored.


Gingerbread man, a skating boot, a snowflake, and a little bird- no brainer.  These are definitely London-bound on SQ318.  I can already see my daughter’s joy spreading across her face when she discovers them on the tree.


In this box, I will find Christmas lights that still work!


Exactly 24 hours from departing Singapore, I am back on horseback, riding through the gorgeous Commons, in my village.


I love everything about my London village.  I have the best neighbours, like the very gentle giant Roger, standing here with his vet.  I hope he feels better soon.


Then I run errands, start laying the Christmas table.


It’s going to be a crowded home this Christmas.  I have a sinking feeling, my oven is too small.  Christmas is a full-on production because that’s the way Jon was brought up, and that was what he wanted our daughter to also have.  Over the years, I’ve allowed myself to be swept along.


Because if you are loved as much as me, you can’t help but want to express and share that sort of joy, that sort of peace. In my most natural state, I am at conflict with marriage.  But the long-suffering spouse has taught me, that Christmas no matter our beliefs, is above all, a time for love.


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