“…Now as I return to my old residence,

how the folks and the street have changed.

Only the Banyan tree remains the same…” – (Translated) Chua Ek Kay

IMG_4406 After the Rain 2004, Chua Ek Kay


Back in this city, one is reminded that a dress has yet another function to play; that of, armour.


Every writer, choreographer, composer knows, that for something you make to have suspense and plot, there needs to exist, conflict.  Living in such proximity with each other on an island that lacks physical space, and where everyone is somehow related to each other socially, or via blood ties, tension is at times, inevitable.

IMG_4373 Tropical Life 1959, Cheong Soo Pieng

It’s not possible to like everyone in the village, no matter your faith in God.  It’s also not possible for everyone to like you back.  Sometimes you make people angry.  And sometimes they retaliate with blows that feel like a drowning.

IMG_4381 Seaside 1956, Chen Wen Hsi

If you were once native to Singapore, each time you step outside, best assume you could possibly meet that relative, an ex-lover, the ex-lover’s parents, and someone from school whose name you will never recall.

IMG_4394 Ink on Paper 1992, Pan Shou

Someone from the past may want to touch you, reminiscing.  Someone from the present will definitely take you out to eat.

IMG_4379 Bananas in a Basket 1953, Georgette Chen

Then unexpectedly, you may cross paths with a bully.


But because you are wearing armour, you can sincerely smile, hello.  And because your armour is like bright light, your inner peace, your joy aglow, he-she cannot bear this sight of you; and he-she, not you, will hurry away.

IMG_4402 5 x 5, Cheo Chai-Hiang

  •  #OOTD- Jumpsuit, Alexander Wang
  •   All the art pieces featured can be found at the newly opened, National Gallery Singapore, 1 St Andrew’s Road. http://www.nationalgallery.sg



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