Carbon Footprint Etc

14 hours later, I am back in tropical Asia.  I decide to go for a swim.


Something I learnt about traveling light and dressing on this most recent flight-  white and black although sleek and smart, can miscommunicate.


Miscommunication occurred once I walked through security.  Good Evening, Miss Wong.  First class or suite today?

Lately, I seem to almost live on board a plane.  My preferred seats-  18A in Business, 34D in Economy.  Economy’s not too bad if you’re not a tall person, and don’t need much space.  Economy’s also not too bad if you have a strong bladder and can avoid, the bathrooms.


Business ensures one’s legs don’t swell as you can prop them up, lie flat on your back, and bedroom slippers are provided.  The blanket in Business is however too thick- something I say to console myself, when strapped in 34D.

My current dilemma however, is that I have watched all the movies worth watching, on board Singapore Airlines for December.  I’ve watched all the Korean, Japanese, French films.  I’ve watched the few bearable American movies.  I’m saving Mission Impossible I, II, III for my next flight, as I’m out of things to watch.

A 14-hour flight feels like a long bus ride, in either direction, I arrive home.


In both cities, a dog to cherish, people to hold.  English is spoken, the power points are the same.  And when the heat or cold kills appetite, I fix myself, a cucumber sandwich.



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