Lost a Day

I’ve been traveling for the last 24 hours.


I’m still standing.

I’m not sure what day today is, or what time it is in London right now.  All I know is, it’s a new day, and there ‘s a new city waiting to be devoured.


To celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary and Thanksgiving, my husband and I decided to go on a date.


Because we live apart, we had to decide which city to meet in.  20 years is also half a lifetime.  A lot happens.  There is much, much, to be thankful for, and to celebrate.


Since we first met on a blind date, at JKF, it seemed imaginative and logical, to meet 20 years later, at an airport.


I also needed to hand him his winter coat which he had left in London, last Spring.  On the first flight out of London, I watched a movie with Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton.  They play a couple who had been married for like 30 years, and thinking of selling their flat.


It’s not that easy a movie to sit through as it isn’t entertaining.  It sort of moves slowly, because there are issues like time, memory, home and family to get through.  If these aren’t weighty enough, there are also the echoes of race tensions, economic demise, and the threat of terrorism.

When I arrived at Changi Airport, I gratefully took as cold as possible, a shower, re-arranged my hair.


I had three hours to kill before my next flight.


It’s been 3 months since we last saw each other.  3 months is a short period of time, when compared to 20 years.  Many people have asked me how is it possible to do what we do- live apart.  Once, a guy friend even asked me, What does Jon do for female companionship?  Another male friend asked me, Are Jon and you, divorced?

Divorce isn’t in the cards for Dr and Mrs Chan.  It’s a rather valuable lesson, he’s taught me.  You make a commitment at the start, you’re both young, and possibly foolish.  You grow up together, and there will be days, you don’t like each other.  Sometimes you think, I’ve made a mistake.  But what I’ve learnt from him is, you must utter the mistake, and then both must want to acknowledge the elephant in the room, and both must want to figure out the next step, where do we go from this place, how do we hold each other again.

I watched the movie and wondered if God will grant us as many more years, and good health.


I’ve lost a day, but I’m going to have a week with my husband instead.


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