All About, Zen

Zen is one of my dearest friends.  My family adores her.


Since graduating from London Business School this past summer, Zen has been busy with creating a distinctive jewellery line, as well as working on a shop for hand-crafted, locally-produced goods.  Bruno and I were offered, a sneak preview, today.


Her collection is called, Wanderings.


Zen makes each piece from an array of materials like semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, and silver.


I love how she has even re-purposed hardware into something decorative, and fun.


From the very same shop where I purchased a door knob, Zen found a new expression for hinges, and bolts.


Her work feels very contemporary, and bold.


It’s where DIY meets Runway, she explains.  I concur!

An English and Economics undergraduate at St. Andrew’s, Zen has even found a way to marry her love for literature with her aesthetic sense.


All charmed bracelets sold for instance, come in home-made sachets and an accompanying quote from the best of British poets/writers.  I think they would make excellent Christmas gifts; a truly unexpected treat, stuffed within a Christmas stocking.


For as long as she remembers, Zen has been stringing beads and making delicate pieces for pleasure.

I just really like putting things together…


Zen has been visiting London, since the age of 4.  She speaks of family here, in particular, an aunt who busied herself with craft, inspiring her.  A pivotal memory was being brought to Takashimaya in Singapore by this aunt, and then encouraged to get as many beads as she fancied.

Each bead costs like $10… I was allowed to get…  My Aunt bought them for me…


A turning point came at 16, when Zen discovered, pliers.  Pliers, she explained, allowed her to work with new materials such as wire, thereafter pushing her designs to another level.  She then began selling pieces to friends, attracted the attention of a shop in Singapore, and enjoyed her first international order from the US.



From November 30, for 5 weeks, Zen will be selling her wares at the London Bridge City Christmas Market, right by the River Thames.

IMG_2901 IMG_2902

Beyond her new collection, Zen is planning on launching a retail space in March- April 2016.  Zen has been visiting trade/craft fairs throughout the UK to meet like-minded designers.  She will curate the shop to sell locally-produced, British hand-crafted goods.  She hopes to use the space as a launching ground for undiscovered crafting talents, as well as to provide a platform for workshops on craft, and other interests.  Zen’s shop will sell hand-made fashion, accessories, and home decor.

It’s not the High Street store, or selling something you can then find on Amazon…  Zen said. It’s not about mass manufacturing and waste, but a more ethical approach.  Every piece will have a story to tell.


  •  For more information, Zen can be contacted via email at  (‘Happiness’, is spelt with one ‘p’)


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